Classroom Posters

Last year my walls were mostly empty. I started with a couple of MC Escher prints, a number line and the operation posters from Kuta. It was super boring in there. This year I was inspired by my lack of classroom management skills to post some definite class room rules and group work norms. I loved the ones posted at mathequalslove: group norms and classroom rules. I changed them up a bit to work for my classroom but almost all of them came straight from those posts.

classroom rulesDownload here: Classroom rules

grou norms


Download here: group norms

I also made a set of posters about the properties that I think students should gain fluency with while they’re hanging out in intervention. Most of my students know these properties when dealing with numbers but don’t know their names and can’t deal when you add variables.



Download here: Properties

This last set came from a SIOP training for ELL instruction. The sentence starters support oral language development for ELL students but I think they’ll be majorly useful for all of my students. They suggested making anchor charts to post but when presented with the opportunity to make posters…I can’t help myself. 

sentence starters


Download here: Sentence Starters


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