Day 1: Everyone survived (the first day with students)

photo (6)

3 awesome things



  • I used the name tag exit slips that I linked to in my first week planning.They put their names on the front and on the back I had them write three numbers about them. This ended up being much more fun than I thought, the students challenged me to guess what their numbers meant during first block and I loved the idea so much I did it every block. I was mildly concerned about the time it would take to respond to all of the students’ noticings and wonderings but it flew by. The majority of my classes this year are freshmen so there was a lot of wondering about the high school itself (Will we get to use the pool? Do we go on field trips?) but also some good questions about the intervention class. 
  • I love love love meeting new students. It feels almost like a blind date. I’ve heard stories about some of them, been warned about some and I’m sure they asked about me before we met. There’s a lot of anticipation during that first class and I really want it to set the tone for the rest of the year.
  • The Chromebooks have arrived! There was some question about whether or not they would be returning this week after being lent to the middle school for the summer, and about what condition they would be in when they came back, but they are almost all there and mostly in good shape. It’s just one less thing that I am not in control of. I know they’re in my room and ready to go.


2 things that shouldn’t have surprised me

  • Scheduling mishaps. During one block today my department head and I were both scheduled to teach in my room. Because it was the first day we had an abbreviated schedule in the morning so for 30 minutes I had more students than desks as he went to take care of it. It definitely cramped my productivity in that block but I think we’ll be able to make up for it tomorrow.
  • My students were not ready for the Noah’s Ark problem that everyone and their brother says students get really into and excited about. Even though I hadn’t met my students yet I waffled about doing it today and didn’t even print or copy it until right before class. My gut instincts were right, on the first day, with struggling students, this was not the right fit. We’re going to ease into things a little bit more slowly and try some patterns with manipulatives. 


1 thing I’m really looking forward to

  • Developing routines and rapport with my students. I can’t wait to get over this first bit so that everything and everyone starts to feel settled. 

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