Bulletin boards are done!

My Blaugust posting wasn’t a total fail but I did not blog as often and I would have liked. A couple of things got in the way (I’m looking at you TESOL Praxis) and I decided to take some time off from thinking about school before it was crunch time.

This week I’ve made it into my classroom everyday to slowly finish all of the projects that I started. My bulletin boards are done!

1. Word Wall

Word Wall

The banner came from the Target Dollar Spot. It’s dry erase graph paper!

2. Sentence Starters

Sentence Starters

I posted about these posters before I hung them here. The title was inspired from someone else’s classroom but I can’t find it to give credit. I loved the idea of inviting students to take part in the conversation. You can also see my hall pass binder and late to class log here. This table is right next to the door so it minimizes disruptions to the whole class when students are coming/going.

3. Wall of Champions


Since taking this picture I’ve added another banner from the Dollar Spot. It perfectly matched my theme with this board (the teal and light bulbs) and says “The future is bright”.

4. Super boring schedule board that I didn’t take a picture of. I use a pocket chart and sentence strips to change up the day of the week, period, and bell times as needed.

With two days left before school officially starts I’m still working on…

  1. Setting up a structure for passing out/ collecting papers. I’ve yet to find a system that doesn’t involve a massive pile up of papers that only get dealt with once a marking period. Right now I’m learning towards group folders as posted by Sam Shah.
  2. Planning for a meaningful first week of activities that support my goals for this year.




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